• slide115This is a conveyor system that has been specifically designed for handling bodies, guaranteeing ergonomic accessibility to the lower part of the body floor. The system can be used for helping with all those operations that need to be carried out on the sub-body (like, for example, the application of PVC, sealing, or masking and de-masking), which is completely free of any obstructions caused by the stop systems. It consists of an equipped skid that can support the body at its front and rear end and, with a system of gear mechanisms, make it turn along its longitudinal axis.
  • The body-carrying skid can move horizontally and pass from one work station to the next by means of roller tables; at the rotation station a movement transmission mechanism automatically engages the equipped skid allowing the operator to rotate the body into its most ergonomic position for their needs.

Subsequently the body moves onto the tables in the next station, remaining in the position set until, upon arriving in another rotation control station, it can be changed by another operator.

Another advantage of the Ergo-Roll system is the reduced cost of the equipped skids that do not have a motor but only connect to one in the dedicated station.