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slide135Acoustic insulation and appropriate sealing ensures that vehicles are waterproofed and comfortable; in order to achieve the desired results requires an extensive study of the ergonomics of the manual work stations and the automatic applications.

Geico uses its vast expertise to provide sealing lines, both manual and automatic, that have been designed for optimising the application and the flow of the materials used. What is more Geico supplies specific conveyors for sub-bodies in order to cope with the ergonomic requirements of the particular work processes.

slide-1Geico supplies a wide range of booths and work areas for every type of operation that needs to be carried out in a painting department; from the dry and/or wet sanding booths to the inspection and control areas and the booths for retouching and more: different and tailored types of flooring, ventilation, lighting and specific equipment or instruments are all available for coping better with the specific needs of each individual operation.

Particular emphasis is placed on the ventilation systems that are designed to optimise the flow of air in every area in order to reduce the amount of energy consumed for air conditioning to a minimum.

slide20This is a modular conveyor system whose flexibility of movement allows bodies to be handled inside the work zones.

This conveyor is a by-product of the modular skid conveyor systems, (sequence of tables) used for connecting the different areas of a paintshop. The mechanical installation of the system is a simple process.

slide9The Chain Conveyor is a simple, well-established system that allows bodies to be handled inside the work zones with a continuous movement.

This conveyor is essentially a chain onto which the bodies on skids are placed at a normal or variable pitch, and it advances at a fixed speed that determines the cycle time.

The application robots or the operators perform the cycle “pursuing” the bodies that never stop moving. The type of process and therefore the setting in which it is located requires special protections and measure.

SLIDE201This is the conveyor on the ground with rollers directly integrated with the parts of the plant. The result is a modular, compact system with smaller surface areas exposed and therefore fewer surfaces prone to becoming dirty. The system is thus easy to clean and maintain. As well as being a simple, well-established system, the integrated conveyor boasts rapidity of installation and ease of commissioning.

Generally speaking the conveyor is a separate component which is inserted into a painting plant and operated separately by the plant itself. In line with the characteristics called for by the place of work (painting booth, sealing, working-deck, control areas or manual working, storage etc), Geico devised a solution for plants that allows the components of a conveyor system to be directly incorporated into the structures themselves or on the floor part of the plant.

slide113This conveyor system has been specifically designed for handling bodies, guaranteeing ergonomic accessibility to the lower part of these. In fact, J-Roll was created with the specific aim of assisting with the sealing of the sub-body or the application of PVC.

J-Roll is extremely simple and features a sturdy handling system which is recommended for heavy loads or large bodies.

EMSIn addition to being used for pre-treatment and cataphoresis in low-production plants, this EMS can be used as a conveyor specifically in those zones where PVC is applied to the sub-body. It is a simple, reliable system which is easy to run and maintain.

The advantages of this system include the possibility of adjusting production by varying the number of trolleys and the automatic loading of bodies.

  • slide115This is a conveyor system that has been specifically designed for handling bodies, guaranteeing ergonomic accessibility to the lower part of the body floor. The system can be used for helping with all those operations that need to be carried out on the sub-body (like, for example, the application of PVC, sealing, or masking and de-masking), which is completely free of any obstructions caused by the stop systems. It consists of an equipped skid that can support the body at its front and rear end and, with a system of gear mechanisms, make it turn along its longitudinal axis.
  • The body-carrying skid can move horizontally and pass from one work station to the next by means of roller tables; at the rotation station a movement transmission mechanism automatically engages the equipped skid allowing the operator to rotate the body into its most ergonomic position for their needs.

Subsequently the body moves onto the tables in the next station, remaining in the position set until, upon arriving in another rotation control station, it can be changed by another operator.

Another advantage of the Ergo-Roll system is the reduced cost of the equipped skids that do not have a motor but only connect to one in the dedicated station.