The company has also won the “workspaces” award.

Geico, world leader in the design and realization of automated turnkey vehicle-painting plants, announces that it has been selected by the Great Place to Work® Institute as one of the best employers in Italy. Once again the company distinguished itself: participating was a choice of all the employees and a full surprise for the President Arabnia, as a gift to thank him for what he gave to them.

Geico was awarded the prize “Workspaces” for the attention and the peculiarity of the areas dedicated to the employees and their wellbeing in the company. Besides the offices, the flagship is Laura’s Garden of Thoughts, the physical place in which thought processes take place. It is the physical space that Chairman Arabnia wanted to dedicate to his wife Laura and to his extended family: his employees. This is the very heart of Geico. Here the right side of his brain has free reign. This is where the company’s soul is. 2,000 square metres of beauty and wellbeing, an essential prelude before accessing the Pardis Innovation Centre, the perfect synthesis of emotions and creativity. A meditation space, corporate gym, bistro area and cultural and entertainment area comprising an amphitheatre and a photo gallery make up this wonderful Zen garden. Ideal for the physical and mental wellbeing of all those employed by Geico.

The Great Place to Work® Institute is an international management consultancy company, specialised in assessment of corporate environments and in consultancy to companies on improvement of workplaces. Each year, it draws up 46 different rankings of the best companies to work for, collaborating with over 7,200 organisations and interviewing around 5 million employees. The ranking of the best companies is based, for the most part, on the scores that the people assign to their employers when completing a questionnaire: in fact, the feedback from the questionnaires provides 2/3 of the final score, while the remaining part results from analysis of human resource management practices as described by the company.

According to Great Place to Work Institute parameters, a positive working environment is characterised by three fundamental factors: a reciprocal relationship of trust between employees and the company management, pride of employees in their work and in the organisation to which they belong and the quality of relations between colleagues.

In 2016, 122 companies worked with Great Place to Work® Italia and 50,000 employees were asked for their opinion. Geico, taking part this year for the first time in the survey, was included in the ranking for Medium Companies, which includes organisations with between 50 and 500 employees.

As Ali Reza Arabnia, President and CEO of Geico says, “People are our most valuable company resources and our employees represent the true knowledge and the irreplaceable consciousness of our history. For this reason, everyone is important and is made the most of and nurtured.” It is important, however, that individuals are given the chance to express their maximum potential: “We try to create the right conditions for full deployment of human potentials, through culture: all the efforts made by Geico management aim to provide ideas, stimulation, meetings and opportunities for the personal growth of our employees, to build a corporate culture that allows us to work well and profitably in a difficult sector and in troubled times like the present. It has nothing to do with making concessions or being do-gooders, but rather with being convinced that in this way the company can truly release all its potential, required for its own good and for that of the people who work for it: this is our idea of business, made up of what people succeed in doing when they are truly respected, trained and made the most of,” continues Arabnia.

Geico is a model for human resources management. Employees can receive philosophical counselling and be supported by a psychologist, and there is a medical surgery available for thorough check-ups as well as a nutritionist service. Friday afternoons are devoted to professional and cultural training, with in-house courses at the Pippo Neri Campus.

At Geico, all of our actions are guided by ethics and affection, two tools that are necessary for achieving a balance between the left and right sides of our brains, between logic and creativity, between development of our creative side and imagination and technical-scientific training. We are proud to offer our employees one of the best workplaces in Italy. The fact that an international research organisation like the Great Place to Work® Institute has recognised our vocation not only for technological innovation but also for cultural innovation is a source of pride for us and encourages us to strive to do even better,” Arabnia concludes.