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Finish lines are designed to be overcome. Only thus can one step onto the winners’ podium. For us growth is a value. Always, at any age and with any experience. The same applies to 360 degree training. We have set a demanding yet incredibly exciting challenge: broaden your perspectives, look beyond and immerse yourself. Hence the creation of the Pippo Neri Campus, to make a way for words such as ongoing training and knowledge sharing: here experience and technology come together in a perfect balance. Five rooms in all, with an entire floor dedicated to the company’s founder and reserved for the culture and training of employees who are continuously engaged in refresher courses. Because technological innovation can only be achieved through cultural innovation.

Imagine a place where young people can express what they think. Imagine a place where that something is listened to. Imagine a place where listening is followed by action.

This is Geico.

J-Next is a group that brings together people under the age of 30 who want to bring new and brilliant ideas to management directly. Everyone can contribute, everyone thus creates added value for the company and the local community.

At Geico, insight is shared as are vision, suggestions and proposals. There are many opportunities to do this.

The Ideas Workshop pools together synergies and creativity. It is a dedicated box in Laura’s Garden of Thoughts where everyone can “post” their proposal. Every idea deserves attention: making suggestions is important but so is listening.

Innovation Meetings involve management as a whole: this is where innovation takes shape, in every sector of the business.

This is how groups are formed. And this is the path to true growth!

Our foot is always on the accelerator, even when sitting at a desk. However sometimes we need a break, a pit stop or just time out to browse maps and better understand the direction we are headed in. Only by knowing what we are doing can we improve. Only by keeping in shape can we give our very best. At Geico we are well aware that we allow ourselves to be guided by a GPS that is always set on professionalism and wellbeing. That’s what Training Fridays are for. They provide an opportunity to take part in refresher courses and explore areas that are only partly known or yet to be discovered, with growth at both business and personal level. Because for us, professionalism and culture merge in a harmonious balance.

A practically mandatory stage but by no means a foregone conclusion. On the contrary. The possible applications are increasingly appealing. Sounds good.
Wellness. Geico routes never lose sight of a person’s overall wellbeing, and that includes both physical and psychological health. Tyres replaced and tank filled. We’re ready to set off again. Are you?
In our world we travel at high speed. But without running risks.
The Geico refresher course places particular focus on technical, core business positions, namely paintshop positions.
40% of our employees are in a managerial role. With us, you too can train for and fill a managerial role.
And there are of course, traditional one-to-one English classes too. The English Corner which, for example, provides the opportunity to chat with a mother tongue teacher while strolling through Laura’s Garden of Thoughts in preparation for a particularly important meeting is another distinctive Geico benefit.
Knowledge sharing is the foundation of Geico. We see knowledge sharing as a strong point and an opportunity. This is why knowledge is cyclical; it flows from senior to junior figures and viceversa. ThePippo Neri Campus – Master in Original Coating Plants for the Vehicle Industry (MCOAT) is at the centre of Geico training. Senior staff offer expert knowledge to new staff and colleagues in different divisions about coating, and they can participate in the Professional or Principle level of the Master programme. With this support you cannot go wrong.

Growth is a value to us

This is how a group is built. This is how you can really grow!