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Rationality follows a straight line. Creativity moves along unpredictable curves.

Emotion consists of exploring, following and at the same time creating emotions.

Laura’s Garden of Thoughts is the physical place in which thought processes take place. It is the physical space that Chairman Arabnia wanted to dedicate to his wife Laura and to his extended family: his employees. This is the very heart of Geico. Here the right side of his brain has free reign. This is where the company’s soul is.

2,000 square metres of beauty and wellbeing, an essential prelude before accessing the Pardis Innovation Centre, the perfect synthesis of emotions and creativity.

A meditation space, corporate gym, bistro area and cultural and entertainment area comprising an amphitheatre and a photo gallery make up this wonderful Zen garden.

Ideal for the physical and mental wellbeing of all those employed by Geico.

Let’s discover it together!


Just like a natural ecosystem, Laura’s Garden of Thoughts is moulded, renewed and adapted on an ongoing basis.

It constantly draws inspiration from new ideas and is, in turn, inspired by its visitors: Geico employees and the local community.

Events serve to provide new drive and pump oxygen, to reinvigorate the passion that has always guided us and the sense of belonging that makes Geico a family in which the person and the team are the protagonists.

Only thus can creativity and emotions truly flourish.

Only thus can our individual commitment and work really achieve results. Many events are held in Laura’s Garden of Thoughts. The Global Dinner (which brings Geico employees from around the world and their families together for one night), the Pippo Neri Trophy (historic five-a-side football tournament sponsored by Gecofin), the Christmas Lunch, Children’s Christmas, Easter and International Women’s Day are just some examples.

There are no shortage of events organised by external companies and associations, for which Geico makes its premises available thus providing a service to the community.

For us, innovation is above all cultural.


Sharing is the basis of knowledge; knowledge is the basis of growth. At Geico, innovation follows the same route, from a circular idea in respect of which nothing is added but everything is stratified. Nothing is experienced but everything is shared. The entrepreneur is responsible for activating virtuous emotion. He is also responsible for providing a service for the community. At the basis, an enlightened concept of doing business, a circular route to personal enrichment. Arabnia has set himself a noble mission with Laura’s Garden of Thoughts: to give life to a recreational proposal outside the work environment. In addition to doing business, the entrepreneur also has a social and educational mission. Teasing Fridays are cultural events that take place on a regular basis and also aim to provide opportunities for sharing and growth. The people involved are well-known and respected in Italy (writers, journalists and entrepreneurs) who are brought together by an experience to talk about and an emotion to share. In perfect Geico style. Exhibitions, such as painting, photography and sculpture exhibitions, are the heart of Geico. They absorb and dispel stress-related toxins and purify the air. Employees and the local community alike are able to breathe freely. The entrepreneur plays a social and educational role in their respect, i.e. he must propose ideas and food for thought on a continuous basis.

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