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A company made by people for people.

This is Geico, global leader in the planning and construction of turnkey automated car painting systems.

We believe in innovation and passion: our true edge. It is our people who inject fuel into our engines, who allow us to continuously improve our performance and who guide us towards our next stop, Energy Independence Day.

We believe in human relations.Those we build with the largest car manufacturers in the world. Those that tie us to Taikisha, our Japanese partner.

We believe in people and their wellbeing. Only when rationality and creativity combine can unimaginable results be achieved.

We believe in excellence and continuous improvement. And that is what we aim to achieve.

A company made by people for people

Geico has been designing and manufacturing complete turnkey car painting systems for over 50 years and is now a global industry leader.

Our main customers are global car manufacturers.

We strive towards continuous innovation of the processes and technology solutions that we provide.

We invest in technology and know-how.

We develop human resources.

This has allowed us to achieve excellence.

We are committed to ongoing innovation


Geico has a history spanning 50 years. Founded by Giuseppe (Pippo) Neri and Giancarlo Mandelli, the company’s original name was Neri & Mandelli. The first, very important partnerships followed soon after: first with Drysys Equipment, a company engaged in the car treatment and painting system sector together with Carrier since 1905, then with the English company Haden, an international industry giant. The oil crisis and the tense political climate of the 1970s upset the balance: Haden Drysys sold its shares to Gecofin, run by the Neri family. In the meantime Group subsidiary Geico expands: Arabnia Ali Reza, son-in-law of of Pippo Neri, managed the Nigerian branch and was later called back to Italy to manage FAST, a company that manufactures paint tinting and mixing machines. Pippo Neri died on 4 February 1994. Arabnia and his wife Laura took control of the company, a 51% interest in which was acquired by Fiat Group Company, Comau, in 1997. In 2006, Geico was back in the hands of the Arabnia family, which took over Haden Drysys patents and launched the allGeicoproject international network. It was another crisis, the 2009 economic crisis, that again challenged corporate assessment: despite the economic downturn, Arabnia decided to stake everything on innovation and development, with a view to being competitive and to displacing competitors on recovery of the market. The Pardis Innovation Centre, Geico’s flagship centre for research and development was thus established.


In 2011, an alliance was entered into with Taikisha, the Japanese giant specialising in the construction of car painting systems. Gecofin continued to hold a 49% interest and could therefore rely on greater financial strength and open up to a broader internationalization process, while maintaining technological leadership.

2013 saw the inauguration of new Pardis Innovation Centre, the most important R&D centre in the world in the car painting sector and the maximum expression of Geico philosophy.

On occasion of its fiftieth anniversary, Gecofin inaugurated the Giardino dei Pensieri di Laura (Laura’s Garden of Thoughts), the ideal place to find the perfect balance of physical and mental wellbeing.


For us the future has a date, a name and a goal: 16 June 2020, Energy Independence Day, to produce zero environmental impact painting systems.

With Geico, the future is green.

We believe that the future has a name, date and purpose

Loyalty, Transparency, Consistency, Determination and Passion are the values that drive our team towards the mission we have set for ourselves, that is, to understand and pursue customer expectations with respect for people, the local community and the environment.

Our core business focus is on painting systems for the automotive industry, with continuous investment in process engineering and services.

Our focus is on innovation and we strive daily, through Value Management, to provide our customers with the best and most competitive technological solutions while respecting the environment.

Our focus is on verticalising know-how with an internal workforce of highly qualified professionals in order to provide our customers with the most advanced technological solutions.

Our focus is on people – customers, employees, suppliers and partners – understanding their expectations, respecting their differences and encouraging their passions in order to create a healthy and challenging work environment.

We aim to provide customers with unique values by understanding their expectations, applying the GoMaic system, which has made its own and surpassed the Six-Sigma method philosophy.

We focus on ethics by encouraging honest, dignified and respectful behaviour, both internally and externally.

This is the soul of Geico.

Understand and satisfy client expectations

The Geico Spa and Taikisha Ltd. partnership began on 19 May 2011 when Taikisha acquired a 51% interest in Geico SpA from Gecofin SpA, which retained possession of the remaining 49% interest.

Geico and Taikisha have a joint presence in 28 countries with a network comprising over 52 offices and 6 manufacturing units, with annual turnover of $1.8 billion.

Geico and Taikisha currently have a joint market presence with with over 5,000 employees: more than 1,000 are engineers and painting industry specialists.

The Geico and Taikisha partnership aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • sustainable size and financial stability
  • competitive solutions in terms of both time and prices
  • technological organisation and global infrastructures
  • innovative product development and project management approach
  • continuous solutions in the ecological and energy saving field

Geico Group management and its winning philosophy – an expression of Gecofin – have not changed, even following alliance with Taikisha Ltd.

Geico corporate strategies essentially focus on:

  • strong human resources development
  • continuous method, process and product innovation
  • constant willingness to invest in technology and know-how
  • diligent and targeted penetration of international markets and new customers
  • set of global commercial and technological alliances
  • continuous project execution efficiency improvement
  • systematic control of fixed costs



Registered at Via Pelizza Volpedo no. 109/111, Cinisello Balsamo

Share capital €3,627,000 fully paid-up

Shareholders and shareholdings: Taikisha Ltd. (Japan) 51%, Gecofin SpA (Italy) 49%

Registered with the Business Register – Milan Office, under no. 00727880155

Management and coordination pursuant to art. 2497 of the Italian Civil Code: Taikisha Ltd.


Ali Reza Arabnia, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Daryush Arabnia, Board Member

Davide Barelli, Board Member

Takuji Fukunaga, Board Member

Inoue Tadashi , Board Member

Hikaru Kimura, Board Member

Shinji Nishimura, Board Member


Roger Olivieri, Chairman

Pierpaolo Guzzo, Statutory Auditor

Michele Mazzitelli, Statutory Auditor

Maurizio Baldassarini, Alternate Auditor

Emanuele Alberto Varè, Alternate Auditor


Deloitte & Touche S.p.A.


Antonello Capone

The company adopts anOrganisational Model relating to the conduct of directors, employees and partners in the running of Group company affairs. It does so in compliance with Legislative Decree no. 231 of 8 June 2001 on corporate liability and with Legislative Decree no. 61 of 11 April 2002 on the reform of corporate offences and, following the subsequent and recent regulatory changes, particularly those relating to Security.

The Code of Ethics is an important part of this model, the implementation of which is duly carried out by an external Supervisory Body (SB).

Compliance system implemented by the company



We believe that success is something to be shared, with both partners and financial institutions. Innovation Days provide valuable opportunities to showcase and share the continuous improvements achieved by Geico thanks to their continued support.

For us, growth equals investment, and investment equal innovation, even at the most critical times. There was investment of €27.9 million in the 2005 to 2013 period alone.

60% of investments were allocated to Technological and cultural innovation, with the remaining 40% being allocated to facilities and corporate structure and organisation.

Research & Development costs of approximately €6 million were recorded in 2013 alone.

The financial statements of Geico SpA and its subsidiaries are consolidated in the financial statements of Taikisha Group, the company responsible for managing and coordinating the Group.

Further information on the financial position and assets of Taikisha is available in the Investor Relations section of the Taikisha website.

Taikisha financial


2016 Financial Statement


2015 Financial Statement


2014 Financial Statement


Group Structure

Operating in 28 countries with a network of more than 52 sites and 6 manufacturing units, with annual revenue of $1.8 billion

2 cornerstones: the Organizational Model and the Ethical Code

For us growth means investments
and investments mean innovation

The Geico SpA Financial Statement is consolidated within the Financial Statement of the group