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Exams to sit and dissertations to write? Now is the time to move to the starting line and warm up the engine.

For Geico training also starts from here, from schools and universities, through conferences and lectures delivered by the chairman of Arabnia and Geico senior management directly. Students thus get a taste of Geico; and also have the opportunity to visit the company through open days. But this is just the first lap.

At Geico, the educational curriculum can expand, take different forms and materialise. In one word: enrichment. Many ways and unmissable opportunities. Including the possibility of curricular or extra-curricular corporate dissertations and internships.

Geico is the ideal place to test your engine and take it to the max. New challenges, new opportunities: for us every little failure can and must be turned into an opportunity for growth, for oneself and for the company. Particularly following courses of study.

Move to the Geico starting line… The traffic light is about to turn green!


Turbocharge your career and set off with J-Next. What is it? The opportunity for young people to gain direct employment with the company through dedicated integration paths for the different business areas.

Not only is this possible in Geico but is the standard course..

We believe in young people like you and in the passion that drives you.  This is why we have chosen to give you confidence and make you grow, through real and constructive coaching.

Even the best drivers need of a good co-pilot in the passenger seat. That place could be yours!


One travels with one’s foot on the accelerator when onboard the Geico world. Here careers are never at a standstill and are always forward-focused. Why slow down when you can still go a long way?

Helping people to grow: this is our aim. And we achieve this by focusing on professionalism, teamwork, flexibility, the provision of high quality services and satisfaction with each and every one of us. Only then can excellence become reality.

Our employees are our extra gear and each person’s potential is the fuel that empowers our engine. Every single resource is important: we develop resources through the periodic evaluation of technical, personal and managerial skills and ethical values, then structure the various career paths. There is no set route to follow, each person is free to define their own path. Job rotation serves this very purpose and allows resources to continuously broaden their knowledge of the core business, both from a technical and managerial point of view, in a continuous exchange depending on aptitudes and interests.

Fasten your seatbelts, we’re off!

We believe in people. Especially in those who believe in us and invest in us. Working at Geico is first and foremost a choice, a sharing of expertise, passion and added value.

People and passion are what make Geico great. We provide passion for what we do, a team environment and a sense of belonging to the company. Everyone plays a part. This is why every one of us is important and should be valued. Or rather, cultivated.

If you too want to be a winner, then don’t wait. Join our team!

Of the profiles that we monitor on a continuous basis, we particularly recommend:

Project Manager

  • Engineering or equivalent master’s degree
  • Age group: 30-40
  • Willingness to travel abroad, even over the medium term
  • Plant engineering project management experience: 2-4 years
  • Good knowledge of English is essential; a second language is a plus

Site Manager

  • Engineering or equivalent master’s degree
  • At least 3 years’ experience in the role or at deputy manager level
  • Management, coordination and supervision skills
  • Willingness to work exclusively off premises, mainly in foreign sites
  • Fluent English; a second language is a plus

If you want to be a part of the Geico world, send us your CV: we’ll upload it to our database for consideration for future vacancies.


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Development also starts at schools and universities for Geico

We believe in young people just like yourself and their guiding passions

We focus on the growth and development of individuals

People and passion make Geico great

Join us