Founded in July 2014 at the behest of the Arabnia family, the Pardis Foundation embodies the family’s social responsibility and philanthropic sensibility, having always been a supporter of the company and the entrepreneur’s active role within the community.

Over the years, this ethical and moral involvement has taken shape in the family businesses belonging to the Gecofin Group, through projects dedicated to the fight against unemployment, actively contributing to the inclusion of job seekers in the socio-economic context of the country, offering important opportunities to young people and a new hope for those over 40.

A concrete example is Geico, which since 2009 has organised cultural initiatives for employees and stakeholders, initiatives for the hiring of young graduates (J-Next Project) and people over 40 (J-Hope Project).

After the success of these activities, the Arabnia family decided to set up the Pardis Foundation, which, through its projects, continues to concretely support the local region and the community.

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