SLIDE-copia1One of main goals that Geico has set itself is that of assisting, significantly and gradually, with the reduction of energy consumption. This is made possible by constantly improving the optimal management of air flows, as is demonstrated by the different solutions identified by Geico.

Air Cascades: to increase the savings in the conditioning of ambient air, Geico recommends reusing the air extracted from the manual application booths in the robotic application booths.

Air Recirculation: this consists of reusing the extracted air in the same booth, guaranteeing the minimum renewal necessary in order to limit the concentration of solvents and minimise the consumptions of ambient air conditioning.

6 zones: this consists of air treatment units with advanced logic operation geared towards the minimum consumption of energy in compliance with the thermo-hygrometric conditions required for applying the paint.

CTA (Air Treatment Unit) Operating Software this software oversees the operation of the CTA (air treatment unit), adjusting the flows and temperatures on the basis of the work being undertaken inside the booth (painting phase, cleaning phase, maintenance, shift change, plant stop).

Post-recovery heat system: consists of the recovery, by means of enthalpy or thermal wheels, of the energy contained in the flow of air expelled from the booth, for the purpose of heating the infeed of air in winter and cooling it in summer.