slide129The Pardis division carries out energy audits in existing paintshops.

The purpose of the energy audits is to classify the paintshop terms of energy, compare it with the ‘state-of-the-art’ paintshop operating under similar production and weather conditions, assess the improvements that can be achieved in terms of plant engineering and organisation, simulate consumption after the possible intervention and propose further detailed improvements.

Energy classification

A detailed analysis of the plant, consumption per zone, production conditions, energy sources and weather conditions allow the paintshop to be characterised in terms kWh/body produced and liquid and solid waste materials and water consumption. A special classification, which we have called EII (Energy Impact Index), allows a better understanding of the actual scale it has attained. This is useful for understanding what scales of improvement are truly possible.

Simulations and analyses 

We have simulation software packages that are preset for determining consumption rates under different weather conditions, based on the applicable approach. The payback of the possible interventions can also be estimated.


Based on an analysis of the existing situation, a comparison with the actual state-of-the-art condition, from the simulation of the benefits and payback of possible interventions, and an evaluation of the feasibility and of the costs of changing, we are capable of putting together a proposal concerning the retrofitting of existing plants, in order to improve the current classification in terms of eco-sustainability.