The automatic cleaning systems allow any dust particles present on the body’s internal and external surfaces to be removed.

Geico offers the possibility of creating this treatment either with the De-Dust compact system or with flexible automation. So the cleaning of the bodies can also be achieved through the use of robotic systems specifically developed to make the following treatments possible: the cleaning of the body’s interior and exterior with emu feathers and of the body’s interior/exterior with a system of rotating brushes.

Cleaning of the body’s interior/exterior surfaces can be carried out with an anthropomorphic robot at a station that can be installed ahead of the painting booths. If the body moves on a continuous conveyor, then manipulators with 6 axis are used, or 7 where the type of conveyor is of the stop&go type.

Depending on the client’s specific requirements and the vast range of options offered by Geico, it will be possible to combine the use of a part of the De-Dust system with the robotic dust removal station using rollers with emu feathers.