slide32The treatment of the interior of box sections with wax oil or wax is the last phase of processing within the paint workshop, before the body is sent to the assembly line.

This final treatment phase allows an additional protection against rust to be added to those areas inside the box sections or the body’s cavities that cannot otherwise be reached by the spray painting treatment.

Automatic application of wax oil

 The automatic application of wax oil is a very delicate operation and one on which Geico focuses a great deal of attention in order achieve the best possible results. This is precisely why the system is set up with all the checks that will allow those parameters that may affect the application to be maintained.

The automatic area is followed by the manual area where operators carry out the application to those areas that could be reached automatically and where any manual repetitions are carried out that have been pointed out and automatically checked by the line’s operating system, thus ensuring application takes place to all the required sections.

The nozzles, the job of which is to distribute the wax accurately inside the box sections, are only produced once a detailed study of the cavities to be treated has been conducted.