Exams to sit and dissertations to write? Now is the time to move to the starting line and warm up the engine.

For Geico training also starts from here, from schools and universities, through conferences and lectures delivered by the chairman of Arabnia and Geico senior management directly. Students thus get a taste of Geico; and also have the opportunity to visit the company through open days. But this is just the first lap.

At Geico, the educational curriculum can expand, take different forms and materialise. In one word: enrichment. Many ways and unmissable opportunities. Including the possibility of curricular or extra-curricular corporate dissertations and internships.

Geico is the ideal place to test your engine and take it to the max. New challenges, new opportunities: for us every little failure can and must be turned into an opportunity for growth, for oneself and for the company. Particularly following courses of study.

Move to the Geico starting line… The traffic light is about to turn green!