Imagine a place where young people can express what they think. Imagine a place where that something is listened to. Imagine a place where listening is followed by action.

This is Geico.

J-Next is a group that brings together people under the age of 30 who want to bring new and brilliant ideas to management directly. Everyone can contribute, everyone thus creates added value for the company and the local community.

At Geico, insight is shared as are vision, suggestions and proposals. There are many opportunities to do this.

The Ideas Workshop pools together synergies and creativity. It is a dedicated box in Laura’s Garden of Thoughts where everyone can “post” their proposal. Every idea deserves attention: making suggestions is important but so is listening.

Innovation Meetings involve management as a whole: this is where innovation takes shape, in every sector of the business.

This is how groups are formed. And this is the path to true growth!