Geico has a history spanning 50 years. Founded by Giuseppe (Pippo) Neri and Giancarlo Mandelli, the company’s original name was Neri & Mandelli. The first, very important partnerships followed soon after: first with Drysys Equipment, a company engaged in the car treatment and painting system sector together with Carrier since 1905, then with the English company Haden, an international industry giant. The oil crisis and the tense political climate of the 1970s upset the balance: Haden Drysys sold its shares to Gecofin, run by the Neri family. In the meantime Group subsidiary Geico expands: Arabnia Ali Reza, son-in-law of of Pippo Neri, managed the Nigerian branch and was later called back to Italy to manage FAST, a company that manufactures paint tinting and mixing machines. Pippo Neri died on 4 February 1994. Arabnia and his wife Laura took control of the company, a 51% interest in which was acquired by Fiat Group Company, Comau, in 1997. In 2006, Geico was back in the hands of the Arabnia family, which took over Haden Drysys patents and launched the allGeicoproject international network. It was another crisis, the 2009 economic crisis, that again challenged corporate assessment: despite the economic downturn, Arabnia decided to stake everything on innovation and development, with a view to being competitive and to displacing competitors on recovery of the market. The Pardis Innovation Centre, Geico’s flagship centre for research and development was thus established.


In 2011, an alliance was entered into with Taikisha, the Japanese giant specialising in the construction of car painting systems. Gecofin continued to hold a 49% interest and could therefore rely on greater financial strength and open up to a broader internationalization process, while maintaining technological leadership.

2013 saw the inauguration of new Pardis Innovation Centre, the most important R&D centre in the world in the car painting sector and the maximum expression of Geico philosophy.

On occasion of its fiftieth anniversary, Gecofin inaugurated the Giardino dei Pensieri di Laura (Laura’s Garden of Thoughts), the ideal place to find the perfect balance of physical and mental wellbeing.


For us the future has a date, a name and a goal: 16 June 2020, Energy Independence Day, to produce zero environmental impact painting systems.

With Geico, the future is green.