Loyalty, Transparency, Consistency, Determination and Passion are the values that drive our team towards the mission we have set for ourselves, that is, to understand and pursue customer expectations with respect for people, the local community and the environment.

Our core business focus is on painting systems for the automotive industry, with continuous investment in process engineering and services.

Our focus is on innovation and we strive daily, through Value Management, to provide our customers with the best and most competitive technological solutions while respecting the environment.

Our focus is on verticalising know-how with an internal workforce of highly qualified professionals in order to provide our customers with the most advanced technological solutions.

Our focus is on people – customers, employees, suppliers and partners – understanding their expectations, respecting their differences and encouraging their passions in order to create a healthy and challenging work environment.

We aim to provide customers with unique values by understanding their expectations, applying the GoMaic system, which has made its own and surpassed the Six-Sigma method philosophy.

We focus on ethics by encouraging honest, dignified and respectful behaviour, both internally and externally.

This is the soul of Geico.