For the second year in a row, GeicoTaikisha excels in Surcar by winning the Innovation Award 2015. Surcar has always been the most important international conference in the world, where the key players are called upon to present, discuss, and evaluate new trends, technologies, and innovations in the car body painting market. During this year’s edition, which took place in China, GeicoTaikisha distinguished itself from its competitors thanks to the innovative system J-Hive, an octagonal painting cell that, compared to any other product existing on the market, is able to reduce energy consumption by 22% and to cut initial investment costs. The Innovation Award recognizes all the investments GeicoTaikisha is doing in Research and Development that besides bringing excellent economic result, demonstrate, once again, the outstanding quality of the company’s human resources. In addition, this prize proves that Italian firms are able to distinguish themselves at an international level for both quality and originality of their products. The other two prizes assigned during the conference, the Technology Award and the Giury Award, were given out to BMW and Jaguar Land Rover respectively.