Geico has been present for more than one year in Brazil in the state of Pernambuco for the realization of Fiat’s greenfield paintshop that will cover an area of 4.4 million square meters and will have an annual production of 200 thousand cars for the Brazilian and Latin American market.
There is more.
Geico, together with Fiat and partner suppliers have taken part into the charity project “O novos amogos de Goiana-PE”, financing the realization of the new school in Goiana, 5 km far from the site, and it was inaugurated on April 12th.
“It was a great and touching experience at the same time and Geico decided to participate at once since it was for children and for the community in general. It was a great occasion to show factually our engagement and our attention to society and especially to the wellbeing and regard towards our main resource, people”, says the President and CEO of Geicotaikisha Group, Ali Reza Arabnia.