Surcar is the most important international conference where customers and suppliers of the automotive industry examine the tendencies and the innovative technologies of the body painting process. During this conference some representatives of different companies are chosen to make a presentation of their ideas for the future of automotive industry in front of many top managers who are decision makers in the industry.

On the occasion of its 50th Anniversary, exceptionally the 2014 edition took place in Shanghai and not in France (Cannes) as it was the past editions and for two years consecutively.

During the conference there are three awards given to projects or companies for their outstanding performances. The first one is for the Technology and Geico and Qoros, a joint venture car maker made by the Chinese Chery and the Israelian Quantum with whom Geico is finalizing the most modern paintshop in the world in China ranked first and won the Award.

The second is for the Innovation and here Geico ranked second after Henkel.

The third award, which is the most important as it represents the Jury’s made by car makers and independent experts in automotive development and manufacturing, went to Geico again, which ranked the best among the winners.