On June 7th Geico organized an open day at Pardis Innovation Center for students and professors of Politecnico di Milano from chemistry, materials and energy faculties.
The open day was organized by Geico & Poliefun, the association founded by companies of the
surface coating business and the University, under the guidance of the Politecnico di Milano, in order to create a meeting point between work and study.
The visit of the 15 students and 3 professors was both a real and virtual experience, amongst technological solutions such as conveyor systems for the pretreatment of the bodies, the new wet and dry scrubbers of painting booths, the new flexible ovens, and a virtual trip in a paint shop in Geico’s Interactive Engineering Lab.
“It was a pleasure for Geico to host some of the future engineers in our Pardis Innovation Center and guide them in the coating world, giving them the possibility to see from near what they have studied on books. Now we can only wish themthe best for their studies!” says Paolo Colombaroli, Executive Director Innovation.