“Once again Renault chooses Geico for its plant in Curitiba; it is a true honor for us and it is another confirmation of Renault’s trust in Geico’s technology”, says Dr. Arabnia, Chairman, President and CEO of the Group.

In 1997 Geico won the first contract for the realization of the greenfield plant in Curitiba with a production of 20 jph; then in 1999 Geico doubled the production capacity to 40 jph. Today Geico has been reconfirmed by Renault for another increase in the production capacity to 60 jph in order to face the higher and higher demand of the Brazilian automotive market.
This is a difficult and challenging work since we operate in an existing and working plant, that is why we have short time for its completion. The plant will stop for 8 weeks and in January 2013 will start again with a capacity production of 60 jph.