SLIDE7J-Max is a conveyor system that is an evolution of the classical J-Jump systems; it allows bodies to be treated for stop & go plants with a high production rates with just one processing tank. It is a conveyor system for handling and dipping bodies on the pre-treatment and cataphoresis lines and is recommended for plants where pieces can be dipped into the tank with a rotational movement or the combination of a rotational and translational motion. The system has been designed to be used in those stages with long processing times and where it has been decided not to use a double tank.

On entering the tank the body is taken above it by means of lateral roller conveyors; meanwhile, two trolleys, positioned along the two longitudinal sides of the tank can move along its entire length where there is a device that can make the bodies rotate inside the tank.

The body is transferred by the infeed roller conveyors to one of the two trolleys that, with a rotating movement, dips it into the tank.

The trolley moves the body during dipping, which, at the end of the processing time, after a rotating movement that makes it re-surface, is transferred from the trolley to the outfeed roller conveyor. By passing over the tank the trolley returns to the infeed zone whilst the trolley positioned on the other side is transporting a dipped body from the tank’s infeed to its outfeed.

In practice the two trolleys are alternately carrying a body beneath the surface of the process liquid or chemical  for the entire length of the tank, and then return to the initial part, above the tank.


  • Processing stages with long dipping times, consisting not of two separate tanks (compared to other conveyor systems) but a single, longer tank.
  • The body rotates as it enters the tank.
  • Greater production capacity compared to other stop and go systems on which the dipping time is down to the natural sinking of the body.
  • Smaller investment/space requirements compared to a continuous conveyor
  • Modularity and repeatability of the system on every tank assist with running and maintenance and the management of replacement parts.