slide2The J-Jump 2CL (2 Lateral Columns) has all the advantages that are a feature of J-Jump and that have transformed it into one Geico’s leading products. Because it is a conveyor system with a combined movement, it offers the possibility of processing bodies with different cycles on the same line, with lower initial INVESTMENT costs, reduced times for expanding the plant in the future, and a body capturing system that is both simple and functional.

The system has a greater production capacity compared to other stop and go systems (in which the dipping time is down to the natural sinking of the body) given that it pushes the body in the tank during the dipping phase. It also boasts reduced space requirements and lower volume tanks in comparison with a continuous system.

This system can cope with medium to light loads, guaranteeing correct handling and avoiding the risk of pieces floating.

The modularity and repeatability of the system on every tank ensure that the J-Jump 2CL system is easy to run and maintain.