SLIDE6The J-Jump 1C (single-column) has all the features that have made J-Jump one of the stars of Geico’s already successful range of products.

Of these, those most worthy of a mention are: the possibility of processing bodies with different cycles on the same line; lower initial investment costs and the reduced times for possible expansions in the future; reduced space requirements and the possibility of rotating the body in the dipping and re-surfacing phase.

This is, in actual fact, a conveyor system with a combined movement. It is possible to dip the bodies with a vertical movement, with a rotating trajectory or a mix of the two, depending on the body’s characteristics and its shape.

Every tank is fitted with a modular handling system and it is possible to let a body pass over the tank in which the preceding body is immersed (the body’s so-called ‘jump’).

This system boasts greater production capacity compared to other stop & go systems (in which the dipping time is down to the natural sinking of the body) given that the system thrusts the body into the tank during the dipping phase. It also guarantees reduced space requirements and lower volume tanks than continuous conveyors.