SLIDE10Modular, compact and simple: there are a number of different features that make the Powderspin the perfect painting booth for the application of powder-based paints for the automotive sector.

During the painting phase the paint particles that do not adhere to the body are carried by the downward flow of air into the dry filtering units that capture the paint, allowing the air to pass through so that it can be recycled or expelled. The connection between the floor of the booth and the filtering units is created by means of cones that have been designed in such a way that no powder deposits are left on the walls, nor is there any uniform blocking of the filters, which results in a longer working life for the filtering unit. The powder trapped by the filters can be recovered and reused.

The Powderspin system has a significantly lower environmental impact than systems using liquid paints. With no need for the typical treatments of a wet or dry floor booth using liquid paints, energy consumption is drastically reduced.