SLIDE11Dryflex is a new design of oven that incorporates the highest heat transmission efficiency of catalytic panels with the traditional transmission of heat by convection, in order to optimise baking and temperature uniformity on the body.

Dryflex is capable of reducing energy consumption and the length of the ovens through its infrared baking system with gas catalytic panels thanks to which, because they are located in the first area of the oven, can transmit increased energy efficiently to the body, reducing the transit time and therefore the oven’s overall length.

With this solution, which exploits the discharge of energy in the infrared emission spectrum, it is possible to reduce the temperature rise times by more than 15%.

Dryflex ensures less initial thermal inertia of the oven, thus significantly reducing energy consumption. The smaller exchange surfaces and greater heat transfer efficiency guarantee reduced dispersion.

Moreover, the fact that there is less air moving around the initial section of the oven reduces the possibility of dirt particles being deposited on the painted surface when not yet dry.