Sharing is the basis of knowledge; knowledge is the basis of growth. At Geico, innovation follows the same route, from a circular idea in respect of which nothing is added but everything is stratified. Nothing is experienced but everything is shared. The entrepreneur is responsible for activating virtuous emotion. He is also responsible for providing a service for the community. At the basis, an enlightened concept of doing business, a circular route to personal enrichment. Arabnia has set himself a noble mission with Laura’s Garden of Thoughts: to give life to a recreational proposal outside the work environment. In addition to doing business, the entrepreneur also has a social and educational mission. Teasing Fridays are cultural events that take place on a regular basis and also aim to provide opportunities for sharing and growth. The people involved are well-known and respected in Italy (writers, journalists and entrepreneurs) who are brought together by an experience to talk about and an emotion to share. In perfect Geico style. Exhibitions, such as painting, photography and sculpture exhibitions, are the heart of Geico. They absorb and dispel stress-related toxins and purify the air. Employees and the local community alike are able to breathe freely. The entrepreneur plays a social and educational role in their respect, i.e. he must propose ideas and food for thought on a continuous basis.