The Geico Spa and Taikisha Ltd. partnership began on 19 May 2011 when Taikisha acquired a 51% interest in Geico SpA from Gecofin SpA, which retained possession of the remaining 49% interest.

Geico and Taikisha have a joint presence in 28 countries with a network comprising over 52 offices and 6 manufacturing units, with annual turnover of $1.8 billion.

Geico and Taikisha currently have a joint market presence with with over 5,000 employees: more than 1,000 are engineers and painting industry specialists.

The Geico and Taikisha partnership aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • sustainable size and financial stability
  • competitive solutions in terms of both time and prices
  • technological organisation and global infrastructures
  • innovative product development and project management approach
  • continuous solutions in the ecological and energy saving field

Geico Group management and its winning philosophy – an expression of Gecofin – have not changed, even following alliance with Taikisha Ltd.

Geico corporate strategies essentially focus on:

  • strong human resources development
  • continuous method, process and product innovation
  • constant willingness to invest in technology and know-how
  • diligent and targeted penetration of international markets and new customers
  • set of global commercial and technological alliances
  • continuous project execution efficiency improvement
  • systematic control of fixed costs