Geico, with its great industrial tradition, has always carried out a policy of constant research, development and innovation, which has allowed it to provide its clients with the best, most competitive, and environmentally-friendly technology solutions.

A strong ethical sense informs the behaviour, both internal and external, of the company. Loyalty, Honesty, Consistency, Determination and Passion are the values that have always inspired Geico and have allowed the company to meet the key expectations of clients in the respect of people, communities and the environment.

The respect for the environment has always been one of the pillars on which Geico’s mission is based.

Its commitment started with the Pardis Project and continued with the aim of the Energy Independence Day: the realization of the first energy self-sufficient coating plant by June 16th, 2020.

In the meanwhile Geico’s Green Spirit has kept carrying on several initiatives, among which the Ecological Debt Free Day in 2009 and now this reforestation project.

Travelling means CO2 emissions and Geico wants to compensate the debt with the planet, giving its contribution to several reforestation projects in rural communities both in the South of the world and in Italy.

Thanks to these initiatives, several fruit, forest and endangered trees are planted according to the specific needs of the area with respect of its biodiversity.

The projects are carried on by local people (single farmers or little farmers co-ops). The consequent sense of responsibility, the active involvement and the sensibilisation strengthen the co-ops’ empowerment, starting a vituous circle based on respect for natural resources.

The fruit trees remain at farmers’ disposal, thus increasing those communities’ market power thanks to the sale of fruits and their products.

Geico contributed to plant 800 trees in Kenya and in Italy, to compensate CO2 emissions of 2014, and more 720 will be planted for 2015 emissions.