Daryush Arabnia is awarded the “Premio Next” at the Best To Brianza Awards 2015. Friday night, more than 400 entrepreneurs of Monza Brianza, Lecco and Como, attended the event organized by the magazine Best to Brianza at the “Autodromo Nazionale di Monza”. GeicoTaikisha wins the “Next” Award for generational continuity, a widespread and shared theme that represents an asset for the entire economic and social system because it ensures the enterprise to resist and adapt over time. However, generational continuity means also change because new generations usually introduce innovations and contribute to the consolidation of the company itself. During the night, the following companies were also nominated for the “Next Award”: Brugola OEB Industriale, Colmar, Pirola Francesco & Figli, T.A.M.I.L. e Zanotta. Respect and passion are values that have always driven Daryush Arabnia along its educational path, both personal and professional. “It is usual to say that new generations are more disadvantaged than those who came before them, and, in a way, it’s true. However, I believe that we have all the power to take control of our times and improve them. It’s only a matter of will, and I certainly have it”.