Geico was awarded “Best of The Best 2012” amongst 150 candidates from Brianza area (this is in north of Milan and is one of the most industrialized areas in Europe). The Head of Province, the Mayor, and other local authorities were present too. The contest was organized by Hubnet Communication and Aldo Varenna Private banker, La compagnie Financière Edmond de Rothschild Banque.
The 150 candidates were divided into 17 categories and Geico was one of the candidates in that of “Innovation” where we were ranked First. In the end of the evening, amongst these 17 winners of various categories, Geico won the most important award; being “The Best of The Best 2012”.
Dr. Arabnia, President and Ceo of Geico says “With more than 400 people present from the most important companies in Italy, I was so proud to receive these two trophies on behalf of Geico. Since 2010, Geico has been under study continuously as “Success Story” by many and lately we have been subject to so many recognitions that quite frankly makes me personally a little uncomfortable, though totally proud. I remain totally indebted to Geico’s devoted employees for their incredible dedication to make this rough business so great and fulfilling.”